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International Therapy Team PLLC

Personal and Wellness Solutions (PAWS)

Animal Assisted Therapy


Are you in a constant battle with your partner and cannot understand why? Communication is lacking in all areas of your lives? Are you considering divorce or any other permanent action? If so, please contact us, we can help.


Are you happy one day and sad the next? Do you have more bad days than you have good days? Do you crave just "simple joy" in your life? Are you constantly ANGRY or sad? Is it everyone's fault but yours? If so, please contact us, we can help.

International Therapy Team

Therapy is a personal choice and we are here to help you live your best life! When one makes the decision that they want to change something in their life, it is because something is out of control. Your life should be a happy one and there is no better time to find your "best" than now. We are here to help you to live that fulfilling life, find your joy and move to a healthier place. We are ready whenever you are! You can set your appointment by going to the International Therapy Team Booking site and setting up an appointment at your convenience. Our phone number is 210.364.8993. 


Are you unsatisfied with any part of your life? Do you feel that you can be doing more? Are you feeling that you are standing still while the world is passing you by? If so, please contact us, we can help.


We can definitely help you to navigate your life with purpose and a positive spirit. If you like, we can set up a FREE consultation for you and in some cases, same day appointments. If you are ready, so are we! Now, to set up your appointment, please click here.

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