Private Pay
Individual Sessions - $200 * Couples Sessions - $300 * Family Sessions - $350.00
Sliding Scale
Sliding scale fees are subject to adjustment based on an associated factor, such as income, ensuring that the charges remain equitable, especially for individuals with lower incomes.
* Subject to change
BCBS * United Healthcare * Oscar Health * Cigna * Aetna * Please inquire as to other insurance
Grouping services together
This is an option for those who feel that they would need more than one service.
Employer Assistance Programs
These service require prior approval with an authorization code.
Service/Emotional Assistance Animals
Please contact us for further information by using our booking form or contact form.

Online Payment Options for insurance and private pay

Payment Options
At International Therapy Teams, we understand the importance of accessible mental health services. We offer flexible payment options to accommodate individuals seeking therapy. Please note that our payment options may vary depending on the state you are located in.
Private Pay
We accept private pay for therapy sessions, allowing you to directly pay for the services received. Private pay offers individuals the flexibility and freedom to choose their mental health professionals and treatment options. If you prefer to pay out-of-pocket without involving insurance, private pay is a convenient option.
We also accept insurance plans, but eligibility and coverage can vary depending on your location and specific insurance provider. We work with a range of insurance companies to help individuals access the mental health support they need. Please note that insurance coverage and benefits differ among insurance providers, and it is essential to verify your coverage and any applicable copayments or deductibles.
To determine if we accept your insurance plan, please contact us with your insurance information, and our team will assist you in verifying your coverage and discussing the available options.
State-Specific Variations
It is important to note that the availability of private pay and insurance coverage may differ based on the state you are in. State regulations, insurance laws, and provider networks can vary significantly. We strive to comply with the requirements and guidelines specific to each state to ensure transparency and adherence to local regulations.
To find out more about the payment options available in your state, please reach out to our team. We will provide you with the necessary information and guide you through the payment process.
Our Commitment to Accessibility
At International Therapy Teams, we are committed to making mental health services accessible to all individuals. We understand that payment options play a crucial role in ensuring that individuals can receive the support they need. Whether you choose private pay or insurance, our team is dedicated to working with you to find the best solution.
Please note that while we strive to assist as many individuals as possible, our therapists’ availability may vary based on your location and their capacity. We recommend contacting us as early as possible to discuss your options and schedule an appointment.
If you have any questions regarding our payment options, insurance coverage, or need assistance in determining the best approach for your therapy needs, please feel free to contact us. Our friendly team is here to help you navigate the payment process and provide the necessary guidance to ensure you receive the care you deserve.

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